Space shooter concept

2 ships connected by (killing) lazer.
Manouver ships (solo or as duo) to avoid enemies/obstacles and destroy them for points.
Vertical auto-scroller.


    - WASD + IJKL (rebindable?).
    - Dual stick (pad or visual-touch).


Must have:
    - Movement (figure out if vertical movement is fun/needed).
    - Killing LAAAZORRRZ *ZAP* (trigger that changes size/rotation between ships, kills on touch).
    - Obstacles (astroids).
    - Menu

Should have:
    - Enemies (with move-paterns).
    - Powerups
    - Leaderboard (local).

Could have:
    - Bossfight (sequence of move-paterns).
    - Shop to buy upgrades.
    - Online-multiplayer.
    - Online leaderboard (facebook for example).
    - Endless mode.

Won't have:


Win state:
    - Complete the level!
    - (Get the highest score.)

Lose state:
    - Lose all health points (3 hits for example).

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