Pim PrudonMy name is Pim Prudon and I founded The Last Beaver at the beginning of 2016.

I learned that when talking about the stuff you do, you want to ask yourself why you are doing it. So in order to inform you about the company, I've made this little Q&A asking myself why I do stuff.

Why the name The Last Beaver?
So I get this question asked by friends and family a lot so I might as well answer it here.
The way I approached comming up with a name was using a random words-generator. Words I though were nice/cool/funny/interesting I put down on note (I ended up with: coffin, beaver, moon, commet). After that I started combining but I couldn't find a good match that was either good or not already taken. The one I was aiming for initially was Moon Beaver or Beaver Moon but those where not available so I had to go with a different name. I did want to keep beaver in the name so I played around with that a bit and eventually came up with The Last Beaver.

What is your plan of action?
Oke, oke I know, this aint a 'why' question but it needs to be answered in order to help you understand what I'm trying to do.
Making games is what I like to do. Finishing games I like even better. That's why I've chosen to make a lot of small games/prototypes within a limited time span (2-4 weeks). Why would I limit the dev-time? I tend to be a perfectionist, meaning that I would spend way too much time on small features/details rather then finishing up games. Limiting the time allows me to prevent that from happening. It also means I can test out more concepts which helps me understand what is fun and what isn't. Naturally, if a prototype shows potential I'll put in some more time.

Why do you make games?
Making games is what the company is about so this is probably the most important question in here.
I've been a gamer pretty much my whole life. It started with boardgames and quickly turned into computer games. Games to me are a way to relax and enjoy as well as conversation starters. They create interaction between people that I feel is really important. This doesn't mean that I will only make multiplayer games, on the contrairy. I think it's also very cool if people play by themselves and then interact with others, sharing their personal (and unique) experiences.
There's also the aspect of me sharing my interests with others and expressing myself. There are things that I find really interesting and would like others to get in contact with as well. My way of doing that is by creating games themed around those interests.