A shooter where you control two ships, tethered by a cord.
Decide which ships and weapons you want to use to gain the highest score!


  • PREPARE Choose from 4 different body types and 3 different weapons. 144 possible combinations! Find out what works best for you and dominate the leaderboard!
  • CO-OP OR SOLO Play with a friend to ease the pain or be hardcore and play on your own!
  • CONTROL Control both ships using one controller1, great fun when playing as duo! Only one ship can fire at any time so coöperation is key!
  • SELECTIVE BULLETS Bullets can only destroy white and same-colored targets! Shoot what you can and evade the rest!
  • REGENERATE Low on health? For every 100 points you will get fully healed!

1 Keyboard also supported.


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A lot of things have happend in the past few weeks. I’ve been working on the game alot and noticed that I still stick to my old habbits of being a perfectionist. Although I did spend time working on base systems (such as pooling, time management) which can be reused for later projects.The current state of the […]

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The game has been comming along pretty well but still has a lot of things I really need and want to add, such as special abilities, ship selection and more. The schedule I made last week which relied on having only 1 week wasn’t enough and ended up to be pretty non-accurate at all. The […]

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2 ships connected by (killing) lazer.Manouver ships (solo or as duo) to avoid enemies/obstacles and destroy them for points.Vertical auto-scroller. Controls    – WASD + IJKL (rebindable?).    – Dual stick (pad or visual-touch). MoSCoWMust have:    – Movement (figure out if vertical movement is fun/needed).    – Killing LAAAZORRRZ *ZAP* (trigger that changes size/rotation between ships, […]


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