Today I'm starting with the first weekly game. My intention is to stream my process and record a time-laps but I won't be doing that for this one just yet. I still need to figure out how to do this but I just need to get started with the games to keep myself sane and active.

For now I've planned to work 5 days, focusing on specific elements every day. I'll try to keep on this track as closely as possible so that every aspect of the game gets some of my time.

Monday: Concept and gameplay. Starting today I'll focus on the concept and gameplay. This also means that I'll define the scope of the game.
Tuesday: Art. Defining the art style and replacing of all temporary gameplay art.
Wednesday: Content/levels. Fleshing out the game with content such as levels and story.
Thursday: Music and audio. Creating the music and audio as well as implementing them.
Friday: Polish and optimization. Cleaning up the last bits and pieces that still need some work.

During the weekend I'll update the website with the new information so you can read about and play what has been made.


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