Adjusting direction

The first two months have been rough as a start-up. My plans to be able to create small games – one each 1-2 weeks – have proven to be too optimistic. It takes a lot of time to build a propper product and release it when there are other things to work on as well (website, buisness related stuff). Therefor I am going to change the direction a bit in terms of how I want to approach the next projects I’ll work on.

The time I’m going to give myself for each project will increase. I think a more managable time would be 1 month per game. This includes all the phases from concept to release on various platforms.

My aim with making the next few games is to learn new things (such as Facebook integration, multiplayer, etc). Each learning needs propper attention so I’ll only have one new thing for every project.

A good thing is that the website is up and running to my likings which allows me to create web-content with more ease, thus saving me time.

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